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Chihuahua Rescue Victoria won a grant from the Animal Welfare Fund - Grants Program!

Thursday, 19th of May 2016

The Animal Welfare Fund - Grants Program gives financial assistance to non-profit organisations that make animal welfare their business.

Victoria State Government.

The Minister for Agriculture, on behalf of the Government, is offering financial support to non-government, not-for-profit organisations that improve the welfare of animals. These include animal shelters and rescue groups, organisations promoting responsible animal ownership education, community foster care networks, and groups that provide relief facilities and services during an emergency.

Chihuahua Rescue Victoria is pleased to announce that we succesfully won a grant for $5,000 under this program! See our entry on the Animal Welfare Fund - Grants Program page 2015 to 2016 under Successful small grant applicants Round 4 (2015 / 2016).

Chihuahua Rescue Victoria

Help Chihuahua Rescue Victoria continue to rescue, care for/rehabilitate and rehome lost and abandoned Chihuahuas/small crosses; provide boarding for Chihuahuas/small crosses; promote responsible Chihuahua ownership by providing breed specific community education; and improve infrastructure.


The funds will help cover a small portion of the vet, food, transport and many other expenses we deal with daily, and are a welcome addition to the small amounts raised through public financial contributions which we gratefully receive from our caring supporters.

Chihuahua Rescue Victoria has existed without government funding for twenty seven years and we are happy to see that out of the many applications for funding they received from similar dog rescue groups, the State Government has recognised the support Chihuahua Rescue Victoria provides to Chihuahuas and small crosses needing rescuing and rehabilitation. We are overjoyed that they decided we would be one of the few lucky organisations to receive a grant.

This is a one off grant we are very appreciative to receive, but as always we encourage supporters to contribute to allow us to continue rescuing as many Chihuahuas and small cross breeds as we possibly can. We are indebted to those who give to us either financially or with food and accessories; those who support our fundraising efforts; and those who support our rescue organisation by sharing our valuable work and encouraging others to support us also. Thank you!

Chihuahua Rescue Victoria would like to offer a big thank you to one special person who put in a heroic effort to lodge a submission on our behalf. Maddy, we will forever be grateful for your work. Hey, that's Felix! Maddy also put an amazing effort into our site redesign last year.






Chihuahua Rescue Victoria is a non-profit organisation. The advertisement below supports us directly.